Sunday, May 11, 2014

New video.. Basic patterns for saree blouse

Hello everyone

Did you check the new video on my channel? is about how to make basic patterns for saree blouse.
But why do you need basic patterns to make a saree blouse? if you saw indian tailors, they are tracing the blouses directly on the fabric, which is amazing, but most of us dont want to take the risk if we are not experts in the field.
If you make these basic patterns, you will be able to transform it in any design you want, which is so useful because as you probably know, every year they release new and beautiful designs of blouses.
The alterations you have to make for every design will be explain in my next videos, so for that you will need to have your basic patterns. So watch the video, make your own and get it ready to make amazing blouse designs :D

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