Saturday, December 12, 2015

Basic Patterns for babies

Hello everyone, today im here to show you how i make my basic bodice patterns to make baby garments.
These patterns are made to fit girls and boys, you only need to adapt them when making the transformations for the final garment, for example, if you want to make a dress for a girl, use the full shape of the top patterns, if you want a t-shirt or a jacket for a baby boy then use the patterns considering the waist or the hips line.

To make your patterns you are going to need this measurements chart, is made with standard measurements so i recommend to make a muslin and check how it fits your baby and make adjustments if needed, or either you can make your own chart replacing the standard measurements with the actual measurements taken from your baby.

You can see the chart here or if you want to download it in full size, you can get it from the Free patterns section of this blog

here you have the video tutorial to trace the patterns, if you have any doubt let me a comment in this post.

Happy stitches for everyone ^_^