Friday, July 15, 2011

Course 01 basics of pattern making for women and girls

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Features of the courses:

*My experience: ~11 years of teaching in government institutions. ~15 years as a professional fashion designer, dress maker and tailor. ~5 years teaching online.
*All the content you will receive in the courses will be 100% original and  created especially for the class members by me.
*Theory and practical activities trough images, videos and text.
*Continuous personal assistance
*Students who send 100% of homework and assignments complete and on time will receive an electronic certificate.

Course 01
Basics of pattern making for women and girl.

Aim: In this course you will learn how to make standard and customised basic patterns fo
  1. Measurements.
  2. Measurement charts for standard sizes
2.1. charts for girls
2.2 charts for adults
  1. What is a Basic bodice and why is useful?
  2. Standard Basic bodice patterns for girls (top, skirt, sleeves, pant)
  3. Standard Basic bodice patterns for adults (top, skirt, sleeves, pant)
  4. Customised basic bodice patterns for girls
  5. Customised basic bodice patterns for adult
  6. Making and adjusting a muslin
7.1 What is a muslin?
7.1.1 Cutting and stitching elementals
7.1.2  seam allowance
  7.1.3 sewing machine basic settings
7.2 Adjusting a muslin for a perfect garment fitting
7.3 Adjusting patterns if needed using the muslin
9. All about darts
8.1 Understanding darts
8.2 Types of darts
8.3 Transferring darts
8.4 Adjusting darts depending on body shape.
10.Final project: Basic garment for girl or adult, you can choose:
-Basic Blouse  
- Pencil skirt
Any garment suggested by you that could be achieved using the basic bodice patterns.

Ebook with contents and video classes
cost: 15 usd (paypal) 1150 inr (deposit indian account)

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