Monday, July 18, 2011

2nd course: pattern transformation 1

Welcome to the registration page for the second course in fashion design conducted by Sandy Sandoval (cloud factory)
In these classes you will learn how to get basic garments applying transformations to the basic bodice patterns.

Course: Pattern transformation 1

Ebook with contents and video classes
15 usd (paypal) 1150 inr (deposit indian account)

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1. Basic concepts about pattern transformation
2.  Tunics / Kurtis
3. Dresses 
A line
2 pieces
Princess cut

4. Skirts
A line skirt
Pleated skirt

5. Blouses
Blouse with yoke
Different types of necklines

6. Sleeves
Mega sleeves
Raglan Sleeve


  1. Hi,
    Any pre-requisites required? What will be covered in the course?

    1. you only need to have your basic bodice patterns, if you dont have it you can take the course anyway, i will send you information to make your basic patterns, we are going to lear how to transform those patterns in to garments, like dresses, sleeves, skirts and blouses

  2. Hi details about course please. Is it time frames? that is only in September or it will be open always ? Like suppose can this course be taken up in Jan ?