Saturday, February 01, 2014

New video every week

Since long time ago ive been thinking of update my youtube channel often, i mean, i never leave my channel there without any video but sometimes i dont upload as much as i want. And the thing is i cant find a real reason, i have a half time job but still i have 1 free weekday, that means i have 3 holidays every week and i think is enough to manage my time and now i made a compromise with myself to upload a video every week

Even considering the amount of work needed to upload one of my videos, for other youtubers is easy, but i need a lot for editing  work and other things, but i think i can do it, so from this week i will be posting a video every week, i want to set a specific day but im not sure, so far i have 3 more recorded videos so i only need to edit and thats it :)

so.. lets work :D

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